By Country…

Some of my European connections by country:

  1. United Kingdom. Born in Carshalton. Grew up in Greater London. Studied in Bristol. Lived in London, Sep 14 – present. Step-brother living in Edinburgh.
  2. Spain. Lived in Granada, Sep 13 – Jun 14. Speak Spanish. Visited Madrid several times, much of the south and east coast, and recently Oviedo in the north.
  3. Ireland. Two great Irish friends. Visited in Jul 14.
  4. France. Studied in Paris 2011 – 2012. Speak French. Visited much of the country. Went out with a French-Lebanese girl. For a long time, was infatuated with the country. My sister was in Paris during the Bataclan attacks.
  5. Italy. Have been dating a wonderful, beautiful Italian since 2015. Learning Italian is a work in progress. So far, have seen only her home town in the north and a brief trip to Tuscania and Rome.
  6. Germany. Good friend from school moved to Germany after uni, from Stutgart to Berlin to Aachen to Frankfurt.
  7. Belgium. Stopped in Leuven to see friends of my girlfriend in Dec 15.
  8. Austria. Went a few times to an opera festival in Bregenz while at school. Lately crossed from Salzburg to Vienna by train.
  9. Slovakia. Visited the capital Bratislava in Jul 16.
  10. Romania. Travelled from Bucharest up to the Saxon centre in Nov 16.
  11. Hungary. Visited Budapest in winter 2016. Fan of their wine.
  • Switzerland. Visited a uni friend in Nov 14 while he was working in Geneva.
  • Liechtenstein. Visited for a day from nearby Bregenz.
  • Andorra. Where I learned to ski.
  • Vatican City. Visited while on a trip with friends after finishing school.