July 2016

A month on and the referendum result still smarts. But I think (hope) I’ve worked through all the stages to acceptance.

Denial. Sitting up for ‘just another half hour’ until those Remain votes start flooding in. Anger. Against those who took so much from us and our children. Bargaining. The patently futile petition. Depression. Pretty much the whole of July, encouraged by some pretty heavy binging. Acceptance?

I haven’t changed my mind on Brexit. If anything, I’m more convinced that this country made an arrogant mistake. But I can see how we ended up here and I accept that arguing about it won’t stop its coming. We are brexiting.

So how to deal with this? My first instinct was to pack a bag and get a solid 2+ years of residing in an EU country to put on my future visa application form. My girlfriend, as usual, talked some sense in to me and stayed my hand. For now.

Now, writing has always been a salve for my pains. For the first time, I feel the need to share my ‘therapy’ with others. (Perhaps a reaction against the increasingly insular world around us). 

I want to share some of the great parts of my European experience with others and focus on the ways the EU and Europe have changed my life for the better. I can’t promise it will always be upbeat (judging by the last 5 weeks, there’s likely a fair few upsets yet to come..). I’ll settle for bitter-sweet. 


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